The definite source for lawfully holding the NDP accountable... and removing them from power


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To attempt to remove NDP MLAs, limit the power of Rachel Notley's NDP, and raise awareness of the NDP's rejection of popular will.


We believe in the immediate necessity of holding accountable and removing the destructive government of Rachel Notley and her NDP. Holding the NDP responsible starts by holding NDP MLAs responsible. Since Notley's NDP MLAs vote unilaterally for NDP ideology, we shall unilaterally declare all NDP MLAs to have failed in representing their constituents. 

The format of our petitions are in compliance with Legislative Assembly of Alberta petition requirements as presented here

We believe the NDP will eventually be removed. We are here to speed up that process, if possible, for the good of all Albertans.

Upon obtaining our target number of signatures in a riding and presentation in Legislature, one of 2 events will occur:

1) If the Legislature honors our petitions, we have achieved our goal of holding by-elections in NDP-held constituencies.

2) If the Legislature (in which the NDP holds majority power) REJECTS our petitions, we will have created evidence that the NDP is rejecting popular will.

NO NDP is not bound to any political party or ideology, although reserves the right to make political endorsements. These endorsements may change over time, depending on policies adopted by the political parties involved. NO NDP is separate from and does not necessarily endorse the actions and/or statements of Stand Up For Alberta, George Clark's AlbertansFirst Plebiscite Warriors, Albertans Against the NDP, or any other group. NO NDP Alberta is self-contained in this website; NO NDP Alberta has no Facebook page or Twitter account; any content outside this web domain is external to NO NDP Alberta.

Businesses and persons affiliated with NO NDP Alberta are merely volunteers. NO NDP Alberta neither requires nor accepts any financial donations or support. This is a 100% volunteer-driven effort. We are not a charity.